Who’s Selene

Hi everyone!

Just in case everyone is wandering who I am, I made a “about” page.


I am Selene and I am (at this moment) 26 years old. In my 26 years I have been through a lot of life lessons, some positive and some negative. And because I love writing, I figured out that blogging could be my way of clearing my head and perhaps somebody can do something with the experience I have about a subject.

Besides writing I have a huge passion for water polo. I play myself from since I was 7 years young and still do. And I am also a referee, so you can call me a little bit addicted to the sport, but hey! everyone got to have a hobby right.

Recently I joined the fire department at my village. This is at a volunteer base, but I hope to make it my profession one day. I will try to keep you updated about this during my blogs.

Well, what is there more to say…Just read my blogs and get to know me better.

Love, Selene


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