Hi you guys!

First of all I want to say sorry for not being around lately! It was a very difficult month for me and I could not get myself on writing a new blog. So please forgive me, but I had my personal reasons!

Now on to my blog!

If there is one thing I have learned the last few years, it is that friends don’t come for granted. I have made many friends in my life, but a few actually remained. People who’m I believed to be my friends left me without a reason or I left them for reasons of my own. We all know those people. But sometimes we forget that our true friends don’t come for granted as well. Although they are always there for us and always do goofy things with us, they don’t do it for ever if you don’t treat them properly.

But after a few years you start to take them for granted until one day you realize you haven’t spent that much time and energy in them, as they did in you. And yes friendship is about understanding that, but still…There are boundaries. I have been that friend this last month and I feel terrible about it. I was so busy with my own stuf (school, exams, work, sport, etc) that I forgot about my friends. All the contact came from their side and none of mine.

I never actually forgot them, but I can understand if they had that feeling. Still this is the part I love about friendship. No matter how busy you are, or how bad you feel. Your friends will be there for you and they will understand it. Just like you would understand it if it happened to them. You don’t let them down, but you help them in any way you can. Even if it means they need some alone time. And the best part about this situation is the making up part! Especially when they don’t expect it and you make it up in a way that only your friends and you understand. For you are crazy at the same level together!

As for me…Well I haven’t figured out yet how to make it up to them, but this is definitely a start! For I have the best friends in the world who mean a lot to me!