Female Firefighter

Becoming a Firefighter has always been one of my biggest dreams since I was a little girl. My father was a Firefighter and every time he got to go, I waited until he was back home and I could hear everything that has happened. I knew then that I would become just like him. Every time I could go to the firefighter station with him, I would do it. Just to be around those beautiful trucks and all that is part of being a firefighter.

First time as an official member of the team!

In Juli 2015 I finally made my dream come true…Becoming a Firefighter myself! And I also got a unicum in the post of my village. I am the first female Firefighter in the team! I couldn’t be more proud than I was that day! I started my education in October and in April I have my first exam. In those past months I have learned a lot and my motivation even got bigger to pass the exams I have to pass. Bring it on!

Me during a practice evening.

I fit in the team quite well and the boys like having me around. But I have noticed that this really is a mans job. They do tolerate women, but you do have to become a part of the team. So as a woman you have to adjust to this world. And that is what I have done. I never was a girly like girl, but I knew that I had to to my very best to fit in. I had to earn my place in the team, but so did every new member.

So actually all I want to say is this. If you are a female and you join the “man professions” don’t expect them to treat you different. Adjust to the team and respect will come. At  least, that is my experience. Show them that you can do that job as well and that your motivation is right and they will forgive that you miss some strength that they have and help you becoming better.


A new year and a new start

Before I start all the best wishes to you all for 2016!

A new year, a new start. At least that is what all people say. Quitting old bad habits and trade them for new good ones. That is what I hear all around me in this first few days for 2016. I even got tempted to do so ass well, but then I realized that I don’t need a new year to start something new!

People always need the new year to start living healthy or something like that and in the end most people just fall back to their old habits. And that is nog a shame! If those old habits make you feel good, why change them? Do you change them because other people have their opinions about it? Well that is their problem. It is your life! So if you like those old habits and don’t want to participate in the mainstream healthy living or something like that, than that is oké. There is no shame in living your life the way you want it to!

But if you feel bad about some habits, but you are afraid of letting them go. Then all I can say is let them go! At first it will feel so strange and even scary, I know! But in the end you will see that you feel better without them. I recently started my big dream, becoming a firefighter, I was quite scared when I started the education. All was new and out of my comfort zone. But now, some months later, I really don’t have any regrets doing so! I even got a extra motivation on getting my arm and abs strength back to my old strength, before my shoulder injury! And I can tell you, it feels great!

Working on yourself, to become a better you is the best investment you can make for yourself. But just keep in mind that you do it because you want it and not because others want you to!

2015 and 2016

STroost_20150426_20352 Christmas

2015 is almost over and I can say that it has been quite a year for me with a lot of ups and downs. Despite I had a difficult year I did quite manage to make the most of it and I am proud on myself for doing so.

My year started very good. My relationship was not going that well at the end of 2014, but we managed to sort out all our problems and become a happy couple again and still now we are having a great relation. So you would say that 2015 would be a great year, looking at the start of it. Nevertheless it was quite the opposite.

In March I got a huge disaster on my path, the unexpected death of my father, who’m I loved very much. Even now we are still recovering from that and since that happened my relation with my sister got bad as well. But on the other side, my relation with my boyfriend became even stronger. He really helped me through this hard time and he does that even still.  I really learned who my real friends are and to who’m I can depend in hard times. Thanks for all those people who are still there for me!

In Juli I realized one of my biggest dreams, becoming a Firefighter. It is a dream I had since I was a little girl and it was one of the hobby’s my father and I shared. Unfortunately he never got to see in person that I made it. Nevertheless I know he would be very proud to see his daughter become the first female firefighter on the squat!

I also had the privilege to attend many events like: DTM race weekend in Zandvoort, Castlefest, Kamelot concert including Meet & Great, Marco Borsato’s Symphonica in Rosso concert, Disney in Concert and Nightwish concert. And in a week time I even go to the musical of Beauty and the Beast in the Netherlands. So you could say that, despite the loss of my father, I made the most out of 2015.

I hope to endure the positive things in 2016. I want to get back at my old level of waterpolo, so my training intensity has to go up. Specially my arm muscles and abs have to get stronger again. I also hope to complete my firefighters training this year. So I’ve got a lot of work to do this year. I even hope to get more time writing on this blog, since I have missed it this last month, due work.

For now I wish you guys a Merry Christmas and a very magical 2016!

Love, Selene

Moving on


Losing someone you love is something you can’t prepare for. If it is expected of just out of nowhere, the shock will be the same. The only thing that you know is that you have to arrange a lot of stuff in a very short period, while grieve is all you want to do.

How fast you can arrange all those things, depends on how that loved person has left everything behind. Did they make a will of did they leave you with a depth…All those things matter, but still you don’t want to hear any of it at that time. All you want is to speak to that person once more, to hold him or her, just to see that person moving again…

In time the pain fades, but the grieve is still there. Everyday you become stronger again, but your thoughts are still with that loved person. En all you can think about is what he or she would have thought about that choice you just made, or what would that person say about that problem…Would he or she be proud of you? All you can do is speculate about those answers. Still it is a part of moving on. That loved person will always be a part of you and lives inside you. He or she will always be in your memories and in your heart. Knowing that makes living on a bit less difficult and in time you even start to enjoy little things again, moving on.


Hi everyone!
Welcome to my first blog!

It is kinda weird to write without really knowing to whom you’re writing, but hey there is always time to learn and improve! I’ll see this as a challenge, just like I do most of the stuff in my life! It is a lesson I learned last March and I learned it the hard way, believe me.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, which I forgot to do for a long time. And reading other blogs made me think like; Hey, I can start blogging as well. So I have a good reason to write again!

I hope this new goal can help me, and my readers, to learn how to change my/your life. I will not write about anything in specific, but various theme’s will come by. It depends on where my own focus is at the moment. For now it is all about mind change.

Mind change is the most important thing and the most difficult one to do when you want to change. If your mind does not want it for 100%, than you will quit and fall back in to your old patterns. But changing something that is familiar of save into something new and scary is very hard. Just take small steps at the time, but don’t forget to set goals.

For example:
I want to build up more strength and a more sportive body. I know I don’t reach that in one day or one week, but I will set small goals to achieve.
1. Do a 30 day challenge for my abs and arms.
2. After that 30 day challenge, continue but make the drills harder and more heavy.
3. In 3 months I will have build up a routine to keep that build up strength and
sportive body that I wanted so badly.

But the most important thing to remember is: Keep Focused! Everyone can do it and so can you!