Female Firefighter

Becoming a Firefighter has always been one of my biggest dreams since I was a little girl. My father was a Firefighter and every time he got to go, I waited until he was back home and I could hear everything that has happened. I knew then that I would become just like him. Every time I could go to the firefighter station with him, I would do it. Just to be around those beautiful trucks and all that is part of being a firefighter.

First time as an official member of the team!

In Juli 2015 I finally made my dream come true…Becoming a Firefighter myself! And I also got a unicum in the post of my village. I am the first female Firefighter in the team! I couldn’t be more proud than I was that day! I started my education in October and in April I have my first exam. In those past months I have learned a lot and my motivation even got bigger to pass the exams I have to pass. Bring it on!

Me during a practice evening.

I fit in the team quite well and the boys like having me around. But I have noticed that this really is a mans job. They do tolerate women, but you do have to become a part of the team. So as a woman you have to adjust to this world. And that is what I have done. I never was a girly like girl, but I knew that I had to to my very best to fit in. I had to earn my place in the team, but so did every new member.

So actually all I want to say is this. If you are a female and you join the “man professions” don’t expect them to treat you different. Adjust to the team and respect will come. At  least, that is my experience. Show them that you can do that job as well and that your motivation is right and they will forgive that you miss some strength that they have and help you becoming better.


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