A new year and a new start

Before I start all the best wishes to you all for 2016!

A new year, a new start. At least that is what all people say. Quitting old bad habits and trade them for new good ones. That is what I hear all around me in this first few days for 2016. I even got tempted to do so ass well, but then I realized that I don’t need a new year to start something new!

People always need the new year to start living healthy or something like that and in the end most people just fall back to their old habits. And that is nog a shame! If those old habits make you feel good, why change them? Do you change them because other people have their opinions about it? Well that is their problem. It is your life! So if you like those old habits and don’t want to participate in the mainstream healthy living or something like that, than that is oké. There is no shame in living your life the way you want it to!

But if you feel bad about some habits, but you are afraid of letting them go. Then all I can say is let them go! At first it will feel so strange and even scary, I know! But in the end you will see that you feel better without them. I recently started my big dream, becoming a firefighter, I was quite scared when I started the education. All was new and out of my comfort zone. But now, some months later, I really don’t have any regrets doing so! I even got a extra motivation on getting my arm and abs strength back to my old strength, before my shoulder injury! And I can tell you, it feels great!

Working on yourself, to become a better you is the best investment you can make for yourself. But just keep in mind that you do it because you want it and not because others want you to!


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