Moving on


Losing someone you love is something you can’t prepare for. If it is expected of just out of nowhere, the shock will be the same. The only thing that you know is that you have to arrange a lot of stuff in a very short period, while grieve is all you want to do.

How fast you can arrange all those things, depends on how that loved person has left everything behind. Did they make a will of did they leave you with a depth…All those things matter, but still you don’t want to hear any of it at that time. All you want is to speak to that person once more, to hold him or her, just to see that person moving again…

In time the pain fades, but the grieve is still there. Everyday you become stronger again, but your thoughts are still with that loved person. En all you can think about is what he or she would have thought about that choice you just made, or what would that person say about that problem…Would he or she be proud of you? All you can do is speculate about those answers. Still it is a part of moving on. That loved person will always be a part of you and lives inside you. He or she will always be in your memories and in your heart. Knowing that makes living on a bit less difficult and in time you even start to enjoy little things again, moving on.


2 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. I know what you mean. Right after someone dies, there’s so much to be arranged that you hardly have a chance to remember who they used to be, because everything you’re doing reminds you that they’re gone.

    Now that it’s been a while, I’m starting to remember the person he was. Before he got sick. I really wish I could talk to him one more time.


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