My skincare routine

Hi you guys!

Sorry for not being here for a few weeks, I have been quite busy with my new job and all, so sorry!
Today I want to share with you my skincare routine. As some might know, I still have acne troubles and I am 26 now! So time to change that and since a few months I have found the perfect help for that!

A friend of mine took me to a Lush store here in Holland, I never heard of that brand before!, but now I don’t want anything else! They make great skincare products and it is all vegan! Okay, its true, you pay a little more. But it is your skin your taking care of! It is worth to pay a little extra!

In the store I told them that I was looking for something for my acne skin and they came up with several things. I bought only 3 things to start with, just to try it out and it works! My acne is not gone yet, but it is a huge difference with how my skin was before! And my skin feels so smooth after I use the products, that’s a huge plus!

The products I use are:
1. Herbalism
2. Mask of Magnaminty
3. Breath of Fresh Air

1. Herbalism
Herbalism is a moisturizing product that I use to clean my face. I use this almost every evening before I go to bed.

2. Mask of Magnaminty
Mask of Magnaminty is a facial mask, but it can also be used on your whole body. So if you have acne on your shoulders or back, you can use it there also! It is a refreshing mask and your skin feels so much softer after you use it. I use it like two or three times in a week.

3. Breath of Fresh Air
Breath of Fresh Air is a toner which I use to refresh my skin after the mask. It smells delicious. I use this product every morning and every evening.

From left to right:
(pictures are made by Lush and not by me)
200-Herbalism resized-375x375288-Mask-of-Magnaminty-resized-375x375breath-of-fresh-air-375x375

So after years of finding the right product for my skin, and believe me, I tried a lot!, I have finally found my skincare routine!
Check out the Lush website to learn more about these great products! They really changed my self esteem in a positive way!


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