Kamelot at 013 in Tilburg, the Netherlands

IMAG1126On Friday the 16th of October, my all time favorite band, Kamelot, was in the Netherlands for their last concert in the Haven tour. And for the first time since I started to listen to Kamelot, I’ve bought VIP tickets and actually got a meet & greet with the band. How awesome is that!

IMG_6276.jpg Meet & Greet Kamelot

Me and the band ūüėÄ

The meet & greet was a special occasion to thank the band in person, for what their music has done for me, especially ¬†the past few months. Their single “Veil of Elysium” was released¬†on ¬†the same day my father died. So you could say that song has a special meaning to me. I got all band members a bar of chocolate with the dutch word “Bedankt” thanks written on it. I explained why I got them that bar of chocolate and all members were quiet for a few seconds. Despite their tight schedule, I got a hug from every band member. Thanks guys!


After that it was time to start the concert and what a concert it was! I have seen Kamelot live for 9 or 10 times now, but this one was really special to me. The best I’ve seen! These guys know how to entertain people. Tommy’s voice had so much power and the rest of the band really give a great show! I even managed to get hold on the plectrum from bassist Sean Tibbets, how awesome! Even guest singer Elize Ryd from “Amaranthe” fitted in quite perfect! She did an amazing job on the female vocals together with Kobra Paige, the singer of “Kobra and the Lotus” whom were one of the two bands to warm us up.

So if you are a metal fan and you have never listened to Kamelot, start now! Their music is so various and great, I can’t describe it in a simple way to you. Listen to various numbers, for one number does not give you a complete vision of the band.


Playlist from the concert:
Veil of Elysium
The Great Pandemonium
Center of the Universe
Here’s to the Fall
March of Mephisto
Rule the World
Drum Solo
Liar, Liar, Wasteland Monarchy
Keyboard Solo
Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)


My skincare routine

Hi you guys!

Sorry for not being here for a few weeks, I have been quite busy with my new job and all, so sorry!
Today I want to share with you my skincare routine. As some might know, I still have acne troubles and I am 26 now! So time to change that and since a few months I have found the perfect help for that!

A friend of mine took me to a Lush store here in Holland, I never heard of that brand before!, but now I don’t want anything else! They make great skincare products and it is all vegan! Okay, its true, you pay a little more. But it is your skin your taking care of! It is worth to pay a little extra!

In the store I told them that I was looking for something for my acne skin and they came up with several things. I bought only 3 things to start with, just to try it out and it works! My acne is not gone yet, but it is a huge difference with how my skin was before! And my skin feels so smooth after I use the products, that’s a huge plus!

The products I use are:
1. Herbalism
2. Mask of Magnaminty
3. Breath of Fresh Air

1. Herbalism
Herbalism is a moisturizing product that I use to clean my face. I use this almost every evening before I go to bed.

2. Mask of Magnaminty
Mask of Magnaminty is a facial mask, but it can also be used on your whole body. So if you have acne on your shoulders or back, you can use it there also! It is a refreshing mask and your skin feels so much softer after you use it. I use it like two or three times in a week.

3. Breath of Fresh Air
Breath of Fresh Air is a toner which I use to refresh my skin after the mask. It smells delicious. I use this product every morning and every evening.

From left to right:
(pictures are made by Lush and not by me)
200-Herbalism resized-375x375288-Mask-of-Magnaminty-resized-375x375breath-of-fresh-air-375x375

So after years of finding the right product for my skin, and believe me, I tried a lot!, I have finally found my skincare routine!
Check out the Lush website to learn more about these great products! They really changed my self esteem in a positive way!