Costumes, Crafts and Events

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog page!

Some of you might now that I have a weak spot for fantasy events and I like to make my own costumes. (If you are curious about my work, check out my facebook likepage).
Mostly I make my costumes from existing clothes or I get help sewing something new. But since it was my Birthday last Tuesday (15th September) I got the greatest gift from my mom…That’s correct a sewing machine! To be specific…This one below:

So now I can learn how to make my own costumes from pattern and fabric. I cant wait to start sewing! It is a new challenge for me!

I go to events across the Netherlands, but I know there are more events around the world. So if you like the fantasy world in the widest way, you will also love those events. It is a place where you can be creative and different without being judged.  Coming in costumes is not a obligation, but a choice, but you get a great experience and a confidence boost when you go!

Some events on the Netherlands are:
– Elfia –> This is an event that comes back two times a year (one in April and one in September)
– Castlefest –> This event is in August and absolutely my favorite!

This are the three most popular events here in the Netherlands, but there are so many more! Just look them up and see for yourself! You won’t regret it, I promise!


2 thoughts on “Costumes, Crafts and Events

  1. Did you know Castlefest is two times this year? They’re organising a winter edition of Castlefest on December 19 & 20. It’s in the same location, so you’ll need a warm costume if you plan to go.


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