Hi everyone!
Welcome to my first blog!

It is kinda weird to write without really knowing to whom you’re writing, but hey there is always time to learn and improve! I’ll see this as a challenge, just like I do most of the stuff in my life! It is a lesson I learned last March and I learned it the hard way, believe me.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, which I forgot to do for a long time. And reading other blogs made me think like; Hey, I can start blogging as well. So I have a good reason to write again!

I hope this new goal can help me, and my readers, to learn how to change my/your life. I will not write about anything in specific, but various theme’s will come by. It depends on where my own focus is at the moment. For now it is all about mind change.

Mind change is the most important thing and the most difficult one to do when you want to change. If your mind does not want it for 100%, than you will quit and fall back in to your old patterns. But changing something that is familiar of save into something new and scary is very hard. Just take small steps at the time, but don’t forget to set goals.

For example:
I want to build up more strength and a more sportive body. I know I don’t reach that in one day or one week, but I will set small goals to achieve.
1. Do a 30 day challenge for my abs and arms.
2. After that 30 day challenge, continue but make the drills harder and more heavy.
3. In 3 months I will have build up a routine to keep that build up strength and
sportive body that I wanted so badly.

But the most important thing to remember is: Keep Focused! Everyone can do it and so can you!


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